Keep Underage Drinking Offenses Off Your Record

Alcohol Law Enforcement (ALE) offenses related to underage drinking or possession of alcohol are common in North Carolina. This is true in Pittsboro, home to East Carolina University and Pitt Community College. An underage drinking conviction can complicate your life forever. It takes an experienced defense lawyer to protect young people who have found themselves in legal trouble.

I am Neil W. Morrison, a lawyer dedicated to providing efficient, cost-effective representation and personal service to every client at my law firm. Before becoming a lawyer, I was a high school teacher. Young people have always been important in my life, and I am proud to offer high-quality criminal defense services to those whose mistakes have led to drinking tickets and other crimes. Handling student crimes makes up a large part of my practice.

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Is This Your First Offense?

Penalties for underage consumption or possession of alcohol increase in severity depending on whether you have been charged before. Depending on your situation, first-offense drinking tickets can generally be dismissed, provided you complete an alcohol responsibility class and perform community service. Being charged with a second offense for underage drinking can lead to the real possibility of having a permanent criminal record. Hiring a skilled criminal defense lawyer dramatically lessens that possibility and increases the chance your record will remain clean.

Talk To a Lawyer First

Do not simply pay the fine without contacting a Pittsboro lawyer first. Paying a fine means admitting guilt and guarantees a permanent criminal record. A permanent criminal record can negatively impact the rest of your life in ways you cannot imagine. I can help you keep your penalties to a minimum and, depending on your circumstances, can help you have your ALE offense dismissed and record kept intact. Protecting your future involves making the right decision today.

Contact a Pitt County Drinking Ticket Attorney Today

Do not hesitate to seek legal advice if you have been charged with an ALE offense/drinking ticket in North Carolina. There are viable ways to defend your case. Call my Pittsboro office at 252-565-4441 or email me to set up an initial consultation.

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