Protecting Your Rights When Facing Serious Federal Criminal Charges

You need to fight serious criminal charges with the knowledge, tactics and resources that only a seasoned federal criminal defense lawyer can provide.
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Taking Decisive Action Against Serious Criminal Charges

When the stakes are high, you can rely on the legal team at The Law Office of Neil W. Morrison, P.A., to protect your constitutional rights. I am Pittsboro federal criminal defense attorney Neil Morrison, and I was a high school teacher before becoming an attorney. I learned to stay on my toes and expect the unexpected. Most importantly, I have learned that legal experience is one thing – life experience is another.

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A Long-Standing Commitment To Criminal Defense

If you find yourself involved with the federal criminal justice system, remember that you do not have to go it alone. If you are facing serious felony charges, you have the right to enlist a skilled defense lawyer, one who is prepared to level the playing field in your favor. I know when to develop an aggressive defense strategy or strike a deal with prosecutors to mitigate any potential ramifications.

Meet Neil W. Morrison

After graduation from law school, I clerked for Judge Ann Marie Calabria on the North Carolina Court of Appeals. During this time, I saw countless civil and criminal appeals. Such challenging work provided me with the opportunity to examine criminal issues in a variety of unique legal contexts and instilled in me a deep desire to represent those accused of crimes in the most zealous manner possible.

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