The Law Office of Neil W. Morrison, P.A. - Firm Overview| Video Transcript

[GRAPHIC: THE LAW OFFICE OF Neil W. Morrison, P.A.,, 919-396-5501 . 866-270-3658, 123-B West Third Street | PO Box 7069 | Pittsboro, NC 27835]

NEIL W. MORRISON: I handle all federal criminal cases and all state criminal cases. Typically in federal court, I handle gun cases and drug cases, whether it's possession, sale, or distribution. I also handle fraud, whether it's mortgage fraud or the traditional white collar crime. In state court, I handle everything from a speeding ticket to a driving while impaired charge to a felony drug case.

I think a major advantage that I provide my clients is my ability to take the complex and to make it simple. It's a one-on-one interaction between myself and the client who has been charged. And they have serious concerns about what are their rights within the system. And I can take those concerns. And I can give them answers in an understandable way so that they can go about their day. And they can rest assured that when they've hired me, they've hired the best they can to protect them within the court system. When you come to the Law Office of Neil W. Morrison, you get Neil W. Morrison. And that's it. I'm always here for you 24/7 if need be. So you can rest assured that when you call me, you're going to get me. You're not going to get a voicemail or somebody who might pass the message on and might not. And from day one, I'm the one who can explain things to you. And you can always count on me and talk to me.