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North Carolina gun permit overview

On Behalf of | Jun 11, 2020 | Firm News |

Residents in North Carolina who own or wish to own a gun may at times feel as though others view them negatively for being a gun owner as the nation grapples with gun laws at the federal level. 

Understanding the state’s laws regarding gun purchases or carrying guns can help people know how to navigate public sentiment as well as the law. 

North Carolina gun laws 

According to the National Rifle Association, the state of North Carolina’s gun laws vary to some degree based on the type of gun involved. When it comes to handguns, people must obtain a permit before purchasing a weapon. They must also obtain a purchase allowing them to carry a handgun. When it comes to shotguns or rifles, however, no permit is needed for a person to either purchase or carry a weapon. 

Most other states in the country recognize and accept North Carolina’s gun laws, but a few do not. 

Homemade guns outside normal process 

A report by the CBS News show, 60 Minutes, provides insight into a type of gun called a ghost gun that may fall outside the scope of federal gun laws. A ghost gun itself is one that is not purchased itself. Rather, a person purchases individual components and then uses those components to make their own gun. 

No registration or licensing process exists for ghost guns. The purchase of parts used to make a ghost gun may be completed without the need for a consumer to pass a background check. Completely assembled guns may appear like some purchased from a gun retailer.