Protecting Your Rights When Facing Serious Federal Criminal Charges
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An Aggressive Advocate Against Fraud And White Collar Crime Accusations

If you are accused of fraud and the stakes are high, the best investment you can make is to consult a highly skilled federal criminal defense attorney. I am defense lawyer Neil Morrison. I offer:

  • The skills and legal resources needed to protect your rights
  • Extensive experience defending clients in similar situations to yours
  • A clear understanding of federal sentencing guidelines
  • Opportunities to mitigate ramifications associated with a potential conviction

Contact my law firm in North Carolina for an experienced bank fraud defense strategy. I represent clients fighting charges across the Eastern and Middle Districts of North Carolina, including people in Greensboro, Winston-Salem, Raleigh, Greenville and beyond.

The Investigative Skills And Resources You Need For Success

I have a strong background defending individuals against federal charges in courtrooms in the Eastern and Middle Districts of North Carolina, including bank and credit card fraud allegations, such as identity theft, embezzlement and tax evasion.

These topics are part of a highly complicated area of law. A successful defense requires the skills and resources to conduct a thorough investigation. This includes:

  • An intricate understanding of how skimming devices are used to steal an individual’s debit and credit card information.
  • An awareness of how federal prosecutors aim to increase penalties by pursuing multiple charges. For example, engaging in bank fraud often involves stealing some other individual’s identity. Under federal law, this can be deemed aggravated identity theft, which, under any circumstances, brings with it two years incarceration to run consecutively to the bank fraud charge.
  • Access to industry-leading experts, including forensic accountants and former federal agents focused on determining if fraud actually occurred.

Taking A Stand Against Federal Prosecutors

I will fight the charges lodged against you if the prosecution is unable to prove you acted in a deceptive manner to defraud the alleged victim. I will challenge federal prosecutors who have charged you under a faulty premise. I will be strategic in determining when to fight aggressively and when to negotiate for a reduced sentence.

Contact My Office Today

I will be transparent in how I defend your rights and work in your best interests. Contact my law firm in North Carolina for an aggressive defense strategy. My law firm is committed to serving clients across the Middle and Eastern Districts of North Carolina, from Winston-Salem to Wilmington.