Protecting Your Rights When Facing Serious Federal Criminal Charges
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Fighting To Protect Your Rights – And Your Future

Criminal charges could negatively affect your life for years to come. However, there are steps you can take to mitigate and even prevent that potential damage. For the best results, select a highly skilled federal criminal law defense attorney committed to fighting your criminal charges.

I am defense lawyer Neil W. Morrison, and I have extensive experience defending clients in federal criminal cases throughout the Middle and Eastern Districts of North Carolina. If you are facing serious felony charges, you can feel confident knowing you will have a strong voice in your corner.

I do not view my clients as defendants. Instead, my clients are individuals who deserve to have their constitutional rights protected. Contact me online or call 919-396-5501 to discuss your defense strategy. I represent people from Winston-Salem to Wilmington, in places such as Greensboro, Raleigh, Durham and Greenville.

Skilled Defense Against A Wide Range Of Federal Criminal Charges

I have extensive experience handling all types of federal criminal charges in the Eastern and Middle Districts of North Carolina, including:

  • Felony drug charges: Trafficking, manufacturing or distribution charges can lead to years in prison. I will fully investigate the accusations and take every step within the law to protect your rights.
  • Sex crimes: In addition to carrying severe penalties, including sex offender registration, these accusations can profoundly damage your reputation. I will provide a tough, effective and nonjudgmental defense.
  • Bank and credit card fraud: Aggravated identity theft is typically charged along with the underlying skimming device charge and can add years of federal imprisonment to a sentence. I will challenge these accusations and make the government prove each and every element of their case.

In addition to the federal crimes for which I provide representation, I also work with clients in certain types of state crime matters. Consult with me about the state charges you are facing, and I can determine how best to provide assistance and guidance in your situation.

Wondering what the difference between state and federal crimes are? I can help you understand the difference and how the potential consequences may impact your life, family and future.

Criminal Defense Attorney In North Carolina Dedicated To Client Service

Before I became a criminal defense attorney, I worked for approximately 10 years as a teacher in the Wake County Public School System. Of all the knowledge I gained from that experience, perhaps the most important is that service is its own reward. Satisfaction in work comes from making a positive difference in the lives of others.

As a result, I do everything I can to help my clients. I work with them directly to educate them about their rights, the legal system and their options so that any decision they make will be fully informed. I take a detail-oriented approach and create legal strategies to prepare my client for whatever the future may bring.

For A Strong Defense Against Federal Charges, Contact The Law Office Of Neil W. Morrison, P.A.

For an initial consultation to discuss your charges, contact my law firm at any time. I will meet with you and learn the details of your case while giving you an informed perspective of what you can expect in the weeks and months ahead.