Protecting Your Rights When Facing Serious Federal Criminal Charges
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Loyal Defense Against Major State Crime Charges

Being charged with a crime can shake up your life. With the possible consequences ranging from fines to jail time and other penalties, a criminal case could be one of the biggest battles you ever face. Luckily, you do not have to face it alone.

I, Neil W. Morrison, will be on your side no matter what the prosecution claims. As the sole attorney at The Law Office of Neil W. Morrison, P.A., I have faced many complex, serious criminal defense cases. If you face high-level state charges, I can represent you to protect your rights and freedom.

State Crimes Call For Experienced Legal Counsel

Although federal crimes typically lead to more severe penalties than state crimes, either type of criminal allegation could put you at risk of prison, fines, career limitations and further consequences. It is critical to take state charges seriously and to set forth the strongest defense possible.

State crimes in North Carolina vary from misdemeanors to significant felonies, including:

  • Assault
  • Theft and robbery
  • Drug manufacturing and other state drug charges
  • White collar crimes, such as embezzlement or money laundering within the state
  • Many variations of homicide

Because I have extensive experience in federal criminal defense cases, I am well-suited to address serious felonies and other major state crimes. I have the determination and attention to detail that it takes to build comprehensive defense strategies.

Talk To Me Directly About Your Case

At The Law Office of Neil W. Morrison, P.A., in Pittsboro, I am ready to act quickly for your sake. Call 919-396-5501 or email me for a consultation. The earlier in your case that you call me, the more time I have to fully prepare for trial and seek any strategic alternative options.